Managers who lack remote work experience will struggle to maximize their team’s work potential without proper training

Your managers are on the front lines

Your managers are the ones who have to make this work day in and day out.

But, working remotely has made the role of the people manager or team leader more complex. Challenges range from decreased team cohesion and disrupted processes to reduced cross-departmental collaboration and people feeling disconnected from the organization's culture.

Failure to overcome these challenges will lead to decreased morale, lower productivity, and employee turnover. Managers need to be given the right training and support to address these challenges and ensure their teams are working effectively and efficiently in a remote-first environment.

How we can help

The CultureGene video-based training program is designed to help your managers:
  • Optimize remote work.
  • Adapt their management style to include remote work best practices.
  • ​Develop social connection, community and build social capital.
  • Overcome the loss of face-to-face interaction.
  • Build an effective and productive remote team culture.

What is the Remote-first Management Training Program?

An eLearning training solution covering:

1. Remote work fundamentals
2. People management best practices
3. Collaboration best practices
4. Team culture
5. Best practice delivery action plans

Over 3 hours of video content
25 video lessons ranging from three to fifteen minutes in length with hands-on exercises and remote work best practice delivery plans

Who should invest in this program?

  • HR and L&D leaders

    who want to utilize a tailored training program to improve their organization's hybrid leadership skills and capabilities
  • Business leaders

    who are looking for proactive solutions to optimize hybrid work and build a high-performance hybrid culture.

A Program with Measurable and Lasting Impact

When you train your managers to excel at remote work and become exceptional remote-first team leaders, you create a ripple effect across your organization:
Improved collaboration Collaboration is seamless across locations, functions, and teams leading to better alignment.
Increased agility Managers can quickly adapt to changing needs, act decisively despite ambiguity, and keep projects moving.
Boosted productivity Effective coordination, minimal miscommunications, and optimal workflows become business as usual

Benefits of the Remote-first Management Training Program 

Extended Lifetime Value: The program is designed for managers to embed the learning and refer back to lessons, exercises and plans.

​​Consistent remote-first culture: Instead of disparate subcultures forming at the team level, the program helps build a consistent remote-first culture across your organization.

Our solution allows leaders to prioritize and customize the learning experience based on the needs of the organization.

Enhanced Engagement: Our program leads to higher levels of engagement and better retention of information by incorporating interactive online elements, such as group coaching, virtual discussions and our community platform.

Our program facilitates collaboration among participants, regardless of their geographical location, through our online community and group coaching, fostering a sense of community and teamwork.

​​Accessible: Our program is accessible to participants from all around the world, without the limitations of geographical boundaries, providing opportunities to learn from experts and peers globally.

Don't let the challenges of hybrid work hold your organization back. Find out more about how CultureGene can help you enhance your managers' skills to lead and manage a successful hybrid team.