Our clients believe that:

  • Flexible work is here to stay and hybrid work is an opportunity to develop a better and more productive way of working for their people.
  • An effective Hybrid Work Strategy means creating a standardized method of delivery and developing a consistent culture across both in-office and remote environments.
  • Culture is the one sustainable competitive advantage in their organization, that they have complete control over.

What Leaders are Saying

"CultureGene's practical and deeply insightful work unlocking the commercial value of company culture for us has been invaluable; I'd thoroughly recommend them to other investors looking to add value to their portfolio companies right now."
- Albert van der Wal, General Partner, Committed Capital
"CultureGene opened our eyes to the power of culture. Everyone took part in the process and had their say and as a result we achieved significant buy-in from the team. The impact on our business, from how and who we recruit to employee engagement and productivity, is undeniable."
- Mike Papageorge, CEO ISF Watchkeeper
"The Runway East culture is something I am incredibly proud of. The CultureGene platform helped us develop the culture we have today."
- Natasha Guerra, CEO Runway East
“The CultureGene platform and process was a revelation for our team - the combination of human insight and technological support has given us exactly the support we need.”
- Ivalio Jordanov, Partner 7% VC
“CultureGene’s process allowed us to really understand the difference between the culture we had and the culture we wanted to build AND how to get there. An immediate ROI was realised by adapting our recruitment process, specifically focusing on hiring for values-fit. Highly recommended!”
- John Butler, MD ITEnergy
“The key to the CultureGene process is being able to embed the values into the organisation. The Culture leadership Framework was highly effective in getting everyone on our team aligned on how we would deliver on the values, mission and vision.”
- Nicola Waters - CEO PSH Operations

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