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The future is Hybrid

However, a hybrid work environment is harder to lead

Leaders shouldn't think that the management style that worked pre-COVID will be
as effective in the flexible work future

One of the biggest threats of hybrid work is the second-class citizen

In a hybrid work environment remote workers:
- Struggle against communication sstructures optimized for the office
- Do not experience work or culture in the same way
- Do not develop the same work relationships
- Are often excluded from discussions and decision-making
- Need to be more vocal and work harder to be heard and recognized
- Miss out on the banter and informal communication
- Are excluded from the office tribal sub-culture
- Experience managers who don't know how to lead remote workers

With CultureGene you can overcome the second-class citizen threat, by building a remote-first hybrid work culture that is fulfilling, inclusive and equitable culture, where there are no advantages or disadvantages to working in an office.

CultureGene's practical and deeply insightful work unlocking the commercial value of company culture for us has been invaluable; I'd thoroughly recommend them to other investors looking to add value to their portfolio companies right now.

- Albert van der Wal, General Partner, Committed Capital

A software driven culture development process for hybrid teams

Our proprietary software platform enables our experts to facilitate virtual multi-person workshops in real-time.

Involve your team to understand your current/actual culture, explore your aspirational culture and define your:

  • Vision and Mission‍
  • Core Values
  • Expected and Unacceptable Behaviors
  • And understand the impediments to achieving an optimal culture for your business
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What you can do with CultureGene

A 3-stage process to develop a strong, functional remote-first hybrid work culture


    Vision, mission & core values
    Expected & unacceptable behaviors
    Understand the culture gap between your current culture and your aspirational culture


    Embed your culture into your leadership team, processes, functions and decision making.
    Integrate the 9 remote working best practices into your operating model.


    Evaluate, track, course-correct and optimize your company culture on an ongoing basis.

    CultureGene opened our eyes to the power of culture. Everyone took part in the process and had their say and as a result we achieved significant buy-in from the team. The impact on our business, from how and who we recruit to employee engagement and productivity, is undeniable.

    - Mike Papageorge, CEO ISF Watchkeeper

    Integrate remote work best practices to succeed at hybrid work

    To build a thriving remote-first hybrid work culture, it helps to understand how remote companies operate because, at any one time, a percentage of your people will be working remotely.

    To ensure the people working remotely don’t feel like second-class citizens, you must integrate remote-first best practices into the company's DNA and treat remote working as the default way of working. It is vital to build a hybrid work culture where:

    • Remote employees must feel as much a part of the team as those in the office.
    • Everybody experiences the culture in the same way.
    • The leadership team works (mostly) remote.

    Remote work best practices

    • Focus on communication
    • Process-ize the business
    • Ensure wellbeing
    • Develop social connection
    • Create documentation
    • Transparency & trust
    • Focus on results/output
    • Be deliberate about culture
    • Customize recruitment & onboarding processes

    Our Covid-19 Research - How 165 Startups are Adapting to Remote Working

    We surveyed over 165 startup founders in the UK to find out how they're adapting their company culture to remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our average respondent had raise 2m in funding and has 10 - 24 person team.

    What we found out, in a sentence:

    The race to remote working excellence has already started, and startup leaders who were proactive about their company's culture development prior to the pandemic are finding the transition to be smoother than those that weren't.

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    Our software driven consultancy services help some of Europe's leading startups and funds overcome their company culture challenges.

    What Clients Say

    CultureGene are at the cutting edge of company culture, understanding how high-growth companies leverage their culture to build exceptional businesses
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    How we help clients 'win from home'



    Our consultants take you and your team through a step by step, software driven process to unlock your core values, mission and vision. (The place most others stop)


    We work with you to embed your values into your processes, functions and decision making - from hiring to promoting to rewarding - ensuring your team lives their values day in day out, with minimal oversight. 


    Using our unique software stack, we work with our clients on an ongoing basis to track, course-correct and optimise their company culture. 

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    Do you want to build a top 10% or top 1% company culture?

    Join our CEO Brett Putter and two leading culture experts from billion dollar companies for the launch of Brett's latest book, Own Your Culture, on the 30th of September, 5pm BST.

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    What People are Saying


    “Working with Brett to define the Runway East company culture has been a pleasure, we've seen a clear ROI”


    "The CultureGene methodology is unique in it's scope and effectiveness"


    "Brett is at the cutting edge of company culture. He is leading the way in understanding how high-growth companies leverage their culture and build exceptional businesses"


    “It’s fascinating to see how you break down the culture piece and put it at the centre of every action or decision the company makes. Almost like a framework for how to be successful!”


    "The CultureGene process works, it's as simple as that"


    "Brett opened our eyes to the existence and power of culture and how viewing the business through the window of culture can open doors to positive change."


    "17 years of experience working with start-up and high growth companies has allowed Brett to build an elegant and simple framework for the creation of a culture deck."

    Paul Archer, CEO Duel

    Our Covid-19 Research - How 165 Startups are Adapting to Remote Working

    We surveyed over 165 startup founders in the UK to find out how they're adapting their company culture to remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our average respondent had raised £2m in funding and has a 10 - 24 person team.

    What we found out, in a sentence:

    The 'race to remote working excellence' has already started, and startups who are optimistic about their productivity gains from working remotely are doing x3 key culture initiatives differently from others.



    Brett Putter

    Brett is a leading expert on startup and high-growth company culture, and has built and trained a team of similarly passionate experts. He is the the founder and CEO of CultureGene a culture consultancy helping startup and high-growth develop strong, functional, high-performance cultures.

    Prior to founding CultureGene Brett was the Managing Partner at a leading London based Executive Search firm where he successfully completed CxO, VP and Director level searches for hundreds of high-growth companies in the UK, US and across EMEA.

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    What great companies are doing to define, embed and reinforce their culture.

    Do people shape culture or does the culture shape the people?

    It depends...

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    The CultureGene Culture Development Process is a proprietary methodology combining human expertise and technology to help you to define, embed and manage your culture.

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