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We optimize your hybrid or remote-first work environments for performance and productivity

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We work with forward-thinking leaders to improve hybrid or remote-first performance by leveraging strategy and culture.

We enable all types of flexible work models

  • Hybrid
  • Remote-first
  • Digital/Virtual-first
  • Fully flexible
  • Blended


We have worked with successful remote companies for the past 6 years, starting way before the pandemic made remote work the talk of the town. We have a deep understanding of remote work best practices and how to integrate them into hybrid work models.

What we believe

You've defined your hybrid work policy and you're implementing hybrid work tactics. You’ve covered the legal requirements of flexible work, and know when and how people should work.

We believe that now is the time to create an environment that supports and drives performance in a hybrid work setting, enabling employees to thrive and contribute to the organization's success.

Use your Hybrid Work Strategy to:

  • Enhance productivity and performance

  • Increase autonomy

  • Ensure business continuity and resilience

  • Reduce real estate and operational costs

  • Provide flexibility for a better work/life balance

  • Develop a more inclusive environment

  • Improve employee wellbeing

What we do


Develop a flexible work strategy that harnesses the benefits of remote and in-person work  


Build a flexible work culture that is consistent no matter where your people work from

Management Training

Empower your managers to optimize flexible work and become effective hybrid or remote-first leaders

Center of Excellence

Centralize your organization's remote-first or hybrid work expertise, knowledge and resources

Hybrid Strategy

Our Hybrid Work Strategy Development service is designed to support your organization in reaping the benefits of a flexible work environment.

Hybrid Strategy means building a standardized hybrid delivery model and developing a consistent hybrid work culture for everyone, regardless of where they work. Not to be confused with Hybrid Tactics,  which focus on initiatives, policies and rules about how, when and where people should work.

We develop buy-in from the senior leadership team and we focus on improving engagement, collaboration and productivity.

Hybrid Culture

We consult at all levels of the organization to identify the company’s culture challenges and root causes. We are specifically focused on hybrid culture and how your organization’s culture is changing in the wake of hybrid.

Our commitment is to empower every organization we collaborate with to become completely self-sufficient. We equip them with the necessary roadmap and knowledge to independently nurture a sustainable hybrid culture on their own.

Hybrid Management Training

A big part of developing a hybrid strategy and adapting your culture to hybrid is about training your managers and empowering them to be effective leaders of cohesive, distributed teams.

Our comprehensive program covers the three key challenge areas for hybrid work managers: People Management, Collaboration and Team Culture.

It can be used as a self-service eLearning experience or we can support its roll-out along the way with our consulting service, as required. Your managers will be fully equipped to navigate the increased responsibilities, challenges and opportunities of the hybrid work landscape.

Hybrid Center of Excellence (CoE)

We work with you to develop a team within your organization that specializes in establishing, promoting, and maintaining best practices for hybrid work.

The CoE will be the in-house expert guiding strategies, policies, and procedures, and supporting other teams in the organization. This is your ultimate differentiating factor in the future of work.

Use the CoE to improve your hybrid work capabilities, position your organization as forward-thinking in this new hybrid world, and increase its attractiveness to potential employees and clients.

What our clients say

CultureGene's practical and deeply insightful work unlocking the commercial value of company culture for us has been invaluable; I'd thoroughly recommend them to other investors looking to add value to their portfolio companies right now.
I was skeptical at first - how much of a difference can a consultancy really make, right? But CultureGene proved me wrong in the best possible way. They really dug deep into understanding our company's unique vibe and challenges. No one-size-fits-all advice here, just solutions tailored to our needs. They helped us create a culture that reflects who we are and amplifies our values.
We didn't just want a band-aid solution for our cultural issues; we wanted a fundamental shift and CultureGene provided us with exactly that. Their approach is thorough, insightful, and most importantly, effective.  They were instrumental in helping us establish a culture that attracts and retains the best talent. The Runway East culture is something I am incredibly proud of.
The positive change since we've started working with CultureGene has been remarkable. We've seen a huge improvement in communication and collaboration across teams. There's a renewed energy in the office and you now get a genuine sense of camaraderie that wasn't there before. And the best part? Our productivity has taken off.
CultureGene’s process allowed us to really understand the gap between the culture we had and the culture we wanted to build. Defining the expected behaviors for our values was a game changer for how live our culture. We've also gotten an immediate ROI by adapting our recruitment process, specifically focusing on hiring for values-fit. I can't recommend the team highly enough.
Their intervention wasn't just a one-off event, but an ongoing journey. They've provided us with the road map, support, and tools we needed to develop and continuously evolve our culture. The key to the CultureGene process, I believe, is the framework for embedding the values into the company.

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