We believe that culture is your company's greatest asset

CultureGene is the next generation hybrid executive search and company culture consultancy

A three stage process to help you maximise your culture and source candidates with the right skills, experience & cultural DNA match.


Your company's unique purpose, vision, mission and values.


Your culture into every business policy, process and function.


Through self-managing leaders who are able to experiment, learn and grow.

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We focus on Preparing High Growth Companies for Scale

Executive Search

Our process will help you find the candidate with the right skills, experience and culture match

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Values Based Hiring

Use a standardized data driven hiring methodology to eliminate "gut feel" hiring decisions.

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Culture is Hard

Culture Development is hard to do because, in most companies, culture is largely invisible and subconscious. Entrepreneurs are focused on results and it's hard to focus on something that seems more abstract and intangible. And yet the best CEOs invest the time to define, embed and reinforce their company culture. 

What People are Saying


“Working with Brett to define the Runway East company culture has been a pleasure, we've seen a clear ROI” 

Natasha Guerra MD, Runway East

"Great recruiter, great person and I enjoying working with Brett and have no hesitation in calling him first"

Simon Edelstyn MD EMEA, Rokt

"I attended a CultureGene workshop run by Brett. We used the CultureGene process and two weeks later we had a clearly defined mission, vision and core values"

Paul Archer CEO, Duel.me

"It was a pleasure to work with Brett on filling one of our open positions. He understood our needs and executed laser focused"

Tamas Locher MD, Intellyo

Your company culture is the glue that binds your team together

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What great companies are doing to define, embed and reinforce their culture.


Brett Putter

Brett is the founder and CEO of CultureGene a culture consultancy. Prior to founding CultureGene Brett was the Managing Partner at a leading London based Executive Search firm where he successfully completed CxO, VP and Director level searches for hundreds of high-growth companies in the UK, US and across EMEA.

He has interviewed more than 5,000 senior executives over the past 16 years and has successfully completed searches for VC & PE backed companies across every major sector.

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Transform your culture from invisible and subconscious to a leverageable business asset

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9/10 companies have not invested the time to define their company culture, yet culture is their greatest asset.

The CultureGene Culture Management Process is a proprietary methodology for defining, embedding and leading your culture.

With our Values Based Hiring methodology we can help you build an A+ senior executive team.

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