Is your hybrid culture fit-for-purpose?

Hybrid culture is different

Culture has changed.

We can no longer rely on proximity and osmosis to learn from one another about “the way we do things around here” and to build our culture.

Culture is happening at the team level now and as a result our people are feeling disconnected from the organization's culture.

How we can help

  • Build a hybrid work culture that is consistent across both in-office and remote work environments.
  • Empower your managers to develop strong and cohesive team cultures.
  • Synchronize team culture with the organization's culture.
  • Make your vision, mission, values and behaviors more tangible and actionable.
  • Develop a high performance culture no matter where your people work.

Design your hybrid culture

Our process gives you the necessary insights to define your strategy and create a targeted plan of action to achieve your business objectives.

  • Assess current culture
  • Clarify the aspirational culture that's required to achieve your strategic goals

Embed your hybrid culture

We will assist you in developing a step-by-step Hybrid Culture Transformation Plan to effectively implement your culture initiatives.

  • Develop and deploy specific hybrid culture change initiatives
  • Establish hybrid culture metrics and measurement methods
  • Provide training for HR/OD team on managing hybrid culture for the business.

Lead your hybrid culture

Our program, operating at organization, team, and individual levels, equips your leadership team with the necessary skills to lead culture change.

We assist your leaders to become role models of the culture you aim to achieve, by helping them learn how to practice what they preach. It is a personal and collective journey.

  • Enhance leaders' ability to lead culture by addressing their blind spots
  • Utilize 360-degree feedback that focuses on key target behaviors
  • Leverage existing role models within the organization

Embed your hybrid culture

We collaborate with you to educate, motivate, and involve employees in the new target behaviors. We craft the culture narrative that is needed to gain momentum. We embed culture development initiatives into collaboration processes.

  • Learn to use the six culture-embedding levers
  • Make culture consistent across in-office and remote work environments
  • Empower middle-management to become change agents.

Get in touch

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