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Post pandemic reality

Employees are spending more time working remotely, so:
  • The way we learn about, experience and share culture is radically different in a hybrid or remote working environment. 
  • Company culture is less effective in a remote work environment. We can no longer rely on, physical proximity and osmosis, the key advantages thatwe got from being in the office.
  • Culture happens at the team level now.

High-growth challenges of hybrid or remote work environments

We have worked with successful remote companies for the past 6 years, starting way before the pandemic made remote work the talk of the town. We have a deep understanding of remote work best practices and how to integrate them into hybrid work models.

The remote element of flexible work makes it harder to:

  • Collaborate and share knowledge effectively
  • Maintain team cohesion  and ensure effective cross-team collaboration
  • Recruit and onboard affectively
  • Build social connection and trust
  • Foster a sense of community and belonging
  • Motivate and engage employees
  • Recognise wellbeing issues
  • Feel connected to the company culture
  • Evaluate performance and productivity

The solution

Set the foundation with hybrid or remote relevant vision, mission, values and behaviors statements. Learn from successful remote work companies and develop a culture that overcomes remote work friction and inefficiencies. Integrate the relevant remote work best practices into your company culture. 

What we do

SPRINT 2: Remote work best practices

  • Leadership workshop on the reality and challenges of flexible working and how to overcome them
  • Review your company's remote work capabilities against the 10 remote work best practices.
  • Build a plan to integrate the relevant remote work best practices into your company culture.
  • Launch remote work best practice initiatives.
  • Remote work best practices leadership and management training program
  • (12 weeks)

The fundamentals

  • Remote/hybrid work effectiveness survey.
  • Develop your vision. mission and values (optional, if done already)
  • Ensure your vision, mission and values are relevant and applicable to your hybrid/remote work model
  • Define behaviors to make your vision, mission and values actionable
  • Workshop with the leadership team to model and live the values
  • Launch culture embedding initiatives Integrate values into company processes
  • (12 weeks)

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