Might you be feeling burn out too?

Meetings: the burn out solution
June 26, 2023

It seems like meeting burnout is everywhere. It’s an ever-present current rippling below the surface of daily life. Burnout looks and feels different to different people navigating different challenges. Some symptoms are immediately recognizable:

  • bone-deep exhaustion
  • cognitive fog
  • sapped motivation
  • feeling an utter lack of agency and control

It feels like individual burnout has ballooned into collective burnout inside companies. It’s not that your colleague Mary is depleted and run down. It’s that your whole team has endured heaps of volatility and trauma and can't figure out what to do next. And it's not only your team; it's the other teams in your company, it’s your entire company.

Treating individual burnout with individual Band-Aids won't cut it; instead, we require a broader systemic solution. Culture is the DNA of every organization, so it makes sense to start there and ask the question: Where’s the low hanging fruit? What’s the easiest way to positively impact our culture so that we feel less stressed and less burnt out? If culture is the DNA then meetings are the vital synapses transmitting the electric nerve impulses required for employees to understand what the business needs and move the business forward. Just like when our synapses misfire, if our meetings aren't effective or productive, it impacts the business negatively. Bad meetings slow the organization down and require more meetings increasing our stress levels.

The low hanging fruit is meetings. 

Many of our people are stuck in back-to-back meetings, day after day, because there isn’t enough discipline and structure to ensure every meeting is effective and productive. Here’s an image from a recent Microsoft study showing how stressed the brain can get after multiple video meetings with no breaks. Yellow and red represent elevated stress. Blue represents less stress.

The meeting burnout solution.

At Hybryd we’ve built a meeting tool to give the host more structure and control of the meeting. These controls help improve meeting effectiveness and productivity in 3 important ways.

1. When you are in your calendar you can easily describe the objective of the meeting and add any pre-work that needs doing.

2. You can set an agenda, with times for each agenda item.

3. You can manage the meeting, take notes and assign actions all inside the video window, during the meeting.

Hybryd means better meetings. Better meetings mean less meetings.

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