Executive Search & Values Based Hiring


CultureGene brings a fresh approach to sourcing the best leaders for your business. With 16 years of expertise in building exceptional leadership teams across the UK, EMEA & US, CultureGene offers unrivalled experience into the challenges of building teams for high-growth technology companies. 

16 years of Executive Search experience

Over 400 client company searches

Over 5000 senior executive candidates interviewed

Values-Based Hiring

We are entering the Millennial Age where a company’s culture - its purpose, mission, vision and values - is weighted higher by candidates than the job itself, and it is no longer enough to recruit for skills, expertise and experience match.  It is critical that the hiring manager can demonstrate to the company AND the candidate that there is a strong values match between the two. 

Through integrating a Values Based Hiring Methodology into your company’s hiring process you will

Job Ad – Job Description – Interviews – Onboarding – Probation – Performance Evaluation

Use JOB ADs to attract the right candidates and self-select the wrong candidates out of the process.

In the JOB DESCRIPTION describe and reiterate the values match you are looking for and company culture they will experience.

INTERVIEW more effectively by designing a standardised interview process questioning candidates against the expected behaviours associated with the company’s core values.

Embed your core values into the ONBOARDING process.

Create a hiring safety net by utilising the PROBATION period as a values and culture match evaluation.

Conduct effective PERFORMANCE REVIEWS evaluated against business results and living the values.

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