Culture Development

Company Culture Development: A three stage process to help you maximise your culture 

What we do
We prepare Venture Capital and Private Equity backed companies for scale.

How we do it
The 3 stage CultureGene Culture Development Process facilitates the defining, embedding and reinforcing of your company culture. We facilitate
- Core values definition
- Vision and mission statement development
- Enhanced organizational development
- Building more diversity into your workplace
- Deeper employee engagement.


Your company's unique purpose, vision, mission and values.


Your culture into every business policy, process and function.


Through self-managing leaders who are able to experiment, learn and grow.

Culture Development Process

The CultureGene Culture Development Process has been developed to prepare high growth startups for scale stage.

The most successful companies over the past ten years have been able to achieve previously unheard of global scale by investing in defining and embedding a strong company culture into the business. You shouldn’t start to scale your business without a Culture Development Process in place.

PHASE 1 - Surface, Define and Refine
  • Values
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Purpose

Phase 1 outcome: company has clearly defined culture consisting of mission/vision/purpose/values.

PHASE 2 - Embed across the company
  • Agree expected behaviors related to each company value, define the relevant interview questions and build out the Values-Based Framework
  • Embed the Values-Based Framework across all other business functions – recruitment, sales, engineering, customer support, technology etc.
  • Embed the expected behaviors into business processes such as remuneration, feedback, performance evaluation, meetings, stand ups etc.
  • Integrate culture reinforcing tools into the company policies, processes and procedures.

Phase 2 outcome: company culture embedded into all aspects of the business

PHASE 3 – Reinforce
  • Define the process for ongoing learning and culture management processes
  • Decide which technology solutions to test for internal company feedback, employee surveys etc. Continuous feedback from the team is used to improve the culture together with culture based experiments, so that the company lives and nurtures the culture on a daily basis.

Phase 3 outcome: company leadership leverage culture as an asset within the business

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A company’s culture is its greatest asset

It is the glue that binds the team together. The advantages of a strong company culture are:

  • Improved ability to hire the right A+ candidates who fit with the company’s culture combined with lower employee turn-over
  • Engaged employees who invest their discretionary energy in the company
  • Stronger bonds between team members, improved happiness and job satisfaction
  • Increased responsibility and autonomy
  • Higher trust factor across the company
  • Everyone pulling in the same direction during times of hardship for the company
  • Better overall results, higher growth, greater profitability and exit potential than the “average” start-up

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