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Our clients are high-growth companies innovating in
Digital Media
Mobile & Apps
Infrastructure & Cloud Services
Machine Learning, AI, NLP, Computer Vision

Our company culture and executive search assignments in the UK, US and EU include CxO, VP & Director level searches for companies such as:

"Brett has helped me make the best hires of my career." 
Aaron Ross: MD International Vix Technology


Driving the Culture First Movement

The traditional operating model for business, that was developed for the industrial era, was suitable for complicated yet predictable challenges. Business is more volatile because of the accelerating technology-driven rate of change and this in turn has resulted in business challenges becoming less predictable. 

The previous hierarchical top-down management style that worked so well in the past is no longer effective in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) business environment.

Culture First companies are designed to thrive in this new volatile world because they are not designed to be hierarchical, they focus on personal growth and development, are more agile, flexible and adaptable.


Brett is the founder of CultureGene a hybrid executive search & company culture consultancy. Prior to founding CultureGene Brett was the Managing Partner at a specialist London based Executive Search firm where he successfully completed CxO, VP and Director level searches for over 400 high-growth technology companies in the UK, US and across EMEA.

Brett has built senior executive teams for companies like Zecco (acquired by TradeKing), UberVu (acquired by Hootsuite), Zyb (acquired by Vodafone), Banner (acquired by WPP), Vistagy (acquired by Siemens), JWare (acquired by Clear2Pay) Infratel (acquired by MightyCall), Outerbay (acquired by IBM), eSpotting (acquired by FindWhat)and Asetek (IPO) and has interviewed more than 5,000 senior executives over the past 16 years.

Brett is an investor in Seedcamp funds I, II & III and an investor in and advisor to a number of early stage start-ups.​

Brett is currently interviewing Founders, CEOs and other senior executives of successful high-growth start-ups to understand how they defined, developed and implemented their company’s culture.

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